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The team leaders are certified medical doctors who have been treating stroke and paralysis for over 20 years. Their treatment has evolved empirically from conventional therapy to progressively more effective treatments on a carefully controlled and experimental basis. Today the treatment has grown to encompasses a holistic combination of western drug treatment, physical therapy, massage therapy, homeopathic drug treatment and east Indian herbal supplements.

In the earliest years, pre-existing drugs, which had already undergone clinical trials in other countries and which are approved for use in India were used under extremely close observation in very small doses on a very small patient population. Patients were selected on a "last resort" basis, who had been referred by other doctors due to an absence of effective treatments, and who suffered from very severe paralysis. Such cases of unconventional protocols using existing medications constituted negligible further risk to the patient. As more patients were treated and positive results were observed, the protocols and medications were empirically modified in a gradual, step by step manner, to yield optimal subjective and objective results. Twenty years of such "informal" trials have resulted in the treatment that we see today. At no time were patients placed at risk through the use of unapproved drugs or the sudden application of radical protocols. At no time were large patient populations treated (until recently when the treatment protocols had been finalized). And at no time, were patients treated who could have otherwise benefited from conventional treatments.




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